Flexible Employment

Under the "Wootree International",  labor dispatch companies in Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shanghai, etc., provide short-term, Medium and long-term projects and personnel outsourcing, support customers to improve organizational flexibility and reduce risks.

Service Content:
Through customized flexible employment solutions, we provide enterprises with full-risk outsourcing services such as personnel recruitment, training, entry and exit management, salary management and labor risk control.

Service advantage: 
Increase tissue elasticity:
Break through the limitations of organizational staffing and meet medium, short and long-term employment needs due to projects and seasonal business needs.

Improve operational efficiency:
Help enterprises to quickly acquire, select, hire and manage talents, reduce the management burden of human resources department, and enable enterprises to focus more on managing core business.

Save labor costs:
According to the flexible employment needs of enterprises, flexible allocation of personnel can reduce personnel redundancy, reduce the high turnover rate of non-core support positions and the management costs caused by personnel replacement.

Reduce labor risks:
When employees sign labor contracts with Jipai, Jipai fully assumes employment risks and helps enterprises reduce employment risks caused by personnel turnover.