Executive Search

 "WOOTREE International" cooperates with the CEOs and senior management teams of leading Chinese companies to maximize the efficiency of executive talent search. With more than 10 years of industry penetration and professional experience, we can help corporate teams coordinate talent strategies and risk control, ensuring that people are doing their best, in the right management positions, and developing the leadership skills needed to achieve outstanding business performance.

We promise: 
· Discover the most authentic candidates
· Discover the most suitable candidates
Key services include:
Strategic vision and industry information
According to the organizational form and strategic direction of the enterprise at different development stages, in the future market environment, the current candidates are analyzed.
Expertise and Executive Judgment
Based on industry endorsements, evaluate candidates' historical performance and behavior patterns, and judge their future development fitness and competency relationship in current enterprises.
Comprehensive analysis and employment advice
Based on the current status and development possibilities of candidates' personal leadership and influence styles, match the company's future performance goals and provide evaluation reports and solutions.
Team building and resource integration
Facing the global market, integrate domestic and overseas industry resources, evaluate the market strategies and visions of domestic companies "going out" and foreign companies "come in", and provide them with talent strategy solutions based on corporate strength.