By region,
- 80% are distributed in China,
- 20% are distributed in New York, Houston, Atlanta, London, Singapore, Japan, etc.
Classification of properties,
- 50% comes from state-owned enterprises and central enterprises,
- 30% come from large private enterprises,
- 20% from fast-growing companies invested by VC/PE.
By industry,
- From 2011 to 2021, it provided top 100 real estate clients with executive talent search for 10 years, and accumulated a lot of industry experience, with a talent database of 540,000;
- From 2014 to now, Wootree International Shanghai Office was established. We began to provide executive recruitment services for the financial industry, focusing on MD positions in PE and VC fund companies;
- From 2015 to now, with the industrialization process of the real estate industry, Wootree International has gradually expanded to retail, supply-chain, and large-scale consumption, providing CFO, CHO, COO and other operational job support for listed companies;

Today, with the changes and development of the market, Wootree’s clients are all over the world. We take the development of excellent enterprises as the blueprint and provide consulting services for the best talents. Let enterprises contact honest talents through Wootree consultants at the first time.