High-end talent solutions

As an industry-specific leadership and talent consulting firm, we understand how to develop talent strategy solutions that enable people, teams and organizations to grow, drive performance growth, improve company evaluations, and facilitate continuous change.

Chief Executive Officer and Executive Talent Services
We work with CEOs and senior management teams of some of China's leading companies to maximize the efficiency of executive talent strategies. With 5 years of industry penetration and professional experience, we help corporate teams coordinate talent strategies and risk control to ensure that people make the best use of their talents. Be in the right management position and develop the leadership skills needed to deliver exceptional business performance.

More than any other company, we're better at arranging work at the decision-making level, so we know how to match your company with the right executive and strategically provide the people that best fit your organization's specific needs. All of our talent strategy services are led by veritable functional subject matter experts who can determine with a high degree of precision whether a candidate's style and skills experience are the perfect fit for your needs.

Key services include:
· CEO and executive planning;
· Middle and senior talent strategy services;
· Onboarding communication and influence

Talent strategy and organizational coordination
Combining the talent needs of China and overseas markets, and the practice of the leading companies in the Chinese business environment, we have developed an evaluation system for Chinese companies' internal talent organization strategy "Team Dynamic" to assist companies in conducting talent inventory.